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Started by johnc, August 01, 2016, 00:00:46

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Is there a way to have a digital value of the Locus compass red pointer direction? For instance, I was recently trying to identify one of two mountain peaks maybe 100 miles distant and 10 miles apart. The Locus compass displays a red arrow for the direction but it was not precise enough in this instance. I would like to know the actual compass bearing of that red pointer so I can use a separate mechanical compass and take a bearing with it. Thanks.   


Hi John.
for identifying mountains try this application:
For me it works really fine.
I am trying to find a solution for almost the same issue: Locating radio towers by cross bearing.
The best solution would be a zoomed camera view with cross hairs that stores position, bearing and accuracy of several measurement points and calculates the overlap aerea.
Maybe this would be a great feature for a future release of Locus. :)
Kind regards, Joerg.


Maybe something close to this topic...

As for crosshair compass with camera view, I use


I found another application that seems to do exactly what i was searching for: