auto load of maps should be polished

Started by Dejan Jeremić Jera, July 18, 2016, 19:49:50

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Dejan Jeremić Jera

You should really polish map auto-load feature.
For example: auto load maps of same type should work by parent directories. I got 8 very different layers(types) of personal maps and i sorted them as different directories.: 
   1. topo 25k
   2. topo 50k
3.  geological 100k
4. pedological(soil survey) 50k
5. geomorphological 500k
6. soil errosion 500k
7. lomaps vector for my country
8. optional>>> American topo maps from around 1995
all those maps are like 30+ GB of space on sd card
each of those layers provide me different information, which I don't need at once.
When I turn on :load all maps it gives me CHAOS
when I turn on: load map of same type only it gives me bit less chaos, but it is chaos.
For the moment I tried putting different types in different formats so I use 50k topo and 100k geology as sqlitedb format. And pedological,25k topo,geomorphological, and soil erosion as gemf format.
Although I enabled automatic loading of vector maps, lomaps wont show as base map, when I leave those mentioned layers it shows me geomorphological map.
At the moment i just cannot use American map type because it messes with my other more important layers.
So as conclusion: you should make this app to load maps by existing folders not by randomness.
To be more precise, map overlay is working just fine. :)
What don't work well is when i leave one map it most frequently loads me one piece of pedological map one piece of geomorphological map ect ect(despite i got them all sorted in different directories). so,random type of map.
Also i cannot make one default basemap of my preference(which i would like to be vector lomap, since they are excellent for cities/streets).
It wont of course auto load me gemf database if i am in sqlitedb or vice-versa.


On version 3.30.2, same kind of problem: auto-load feature gives random results. Did anybody find a solution?