GC Offlinizer not working 100%

Started by wollewolle, July 10, 2016, 18:51:20

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the GC Offlinizer is a great tool. But I have a little problems using it.

If I'm right the best way to get all pictures (spoiler and listing pics) I only have to click on 'use api' checkbox.

When I try to download pics for a few thousand caches it often stops and does not continue. When I restart the process it often happens again at a other percentage.

I don't know why it stops. If it has to do with the GC server or with locus. The network works fine.

Maybe adding a skip this cache button may help or (another) timeout.

A more verbose mode would also be fine to see on the list what file currently is downloaded.

Thanks Wolle



I just had an idea and it looks not to bad so far. I setup my device not to shut off the screen while charging and then I started the GC Offlinizer once again - now it already as over 60% after more than one hour. Seems to be stable :) I've seen some errors but this could have other reasons...

So I guess the reason of my problem is that the systems goes in sleep mode. Since last update I configured my system not to optimize battery regarding locus. This seems not to help in this situation.

Maybe locus could be changed to keep the screen on while GC Offlinizer runs?