Using My Tracks to record track

Started by royrose, April 22, 2011, 20:38:45

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The newest version of Locus Pro has the option of recording the track using "My Tracks" rather than the built in recording capability of Locus.

I'm interested in understanding the pros and cons of this. I took a short walk and used this option. It recorded the track fine and I was then able to find the track listed in Locus and when I opened My Tracks.

One con to me is that Locus did not show the track on the map as it was being recorded when using My Tracks. A pro is that when you look at the track in My Tracks, after recording is completed, you see it right away on Google Maps and it has a nice interface for seeing track data and a graph of eleveation and speed.

When I first got my Atrix, I tried My Tracks and liked it but found it lacking some important features with the biggest one being able to save maps for off line use. I later found Locus which has become my favorite app when hiking.

One fault I found with My Tracks is that it seems to report distance as being greater than actual. For example on a hike known to be 4 miles, it reported nearly 5 miles. I have found Locus to be more accurate. When I did my test walk today, using the My Tracks recording, I looked at the track in My Tracks and it showed distance of 0.27 miles. When I looked at the same recording in the tracks list in Locus, it showed 0.24 miles which I trust more.

So, I'm glad this feature was added but I'm not sure I will actually use it. I am curious why it was added. I also wonder what other forum members think of it.

Thanks for such a great app.


I to am curious why I would choose to simultaneously use two applications that do almost the same thing