OpenStreetMap Notes: Save for offline use?

Started by Sonny, June 21, 2016, 23:28:12

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I like the feature of Locus to display OpenStreetMap Notes. I use them to check these notes out in the field and later correct them within Openstreetmap.

But how to save the Notes for offline use before I go out into the field? Not everywhere is mobile Internet available to display the notes around my location. Or even if I'm online, it is just disturbing that already loaded notes get removed from the map when moving the map within Locus. It takes some time if they are loaed and displayed again...

Would be great if we could save Notes for offline use into a Point-folder, maybe like Geocaches could be saved for offline use too.


Hello sonny,

interesting idea, agree it may be useful.

I've tried one workaround and for my surprise, it seems to work almost perfectly.

Please follow these steps:
1. enable notes and zoom out a little, so you see all notes for required area
2. in menu > more functions > share > export map content
3. above function export content of all points & tracks on a map, so if you have visible only these notes, they will be exported into KMZ file with correct icon and it's descriptions
4. you may later import this point or just display it over Data > Items (you have to manually move this file from "export" directory to "mapItems" directory to make it work)

Even if this is not super-fast solution, it works quite well I think. Hope this helps. Feel free to ask.
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Hi Menion, thanks for your workaround. I tested it, and it works.

But as you said, this workaround is not very convinient if I want to work using OSM-notes regularly. Another problem is, that I have to disable the display of tracks and waypoints each time before I export the notes. Otherwise tracks and waypoints are being exported and later imported as well. And after that switching on display of waypoints and tracks again...  :o

So it would be very useful if you could think of a method to save this OSM-notes with one or two clicks into regular waypoint-folders.  :)