exported track not visible at PC using USB

Started by Sonny, June 04, 2016, 23:39:27

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Right after recording a track, I save it and export it as .GPX-file into a folder of my phone, which runs Android 6.
After that I'm connecting the phone to a PC, using USB cable, for copying the trackfile to my PC.

Now the problem: When opening the phone's export folder within my PC's file explorer, I don't see the exported .GPX-track file to copy it to my PC.  :-\

Each time I've to reboot my phone first, before my PC sees this new exported file on my phone.
Or another method I found out: if I copy the exported file with a *file browser on my phone* into another folder on my phone, I could see this copied file on my PC immediately too.
Both methods are of course not ideal and a pain.

Does anybody have the same problem when exporting tracks and right after that connecting the phone to a PC using USB-cable? Any possible solution to prevent to reboot my phone each time I want to copy a track to my PC?


I saw similar behaviour on my G5.  Sporadic, though. I am using Dropbox instead without hassle. I doubt Locus can do anything about it. And I never had such issue with any older Android.

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I have the same behavior on both of my devices with CM13 and MM6.0.1 :-[
it seams that MTB is created only for media files and so e.g .mp3, .jpg, aso are visible direct on PC ???

additional to Michaels suggestion,

if you want to do it over USB you can do a "refrech" with Totalcommander on your device "export folder" before you start data transference to PC via MTB, after that your .gpx files are also available on PC :)
create a "refrech button" and use it ;) see screencast

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Interesting issue. Unfortunately as Michael mentioned, this is out of Locus scope, so I cannot do anything with it.
Alternative solution should be direct export to Google Drive/Dropbox.
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i just thinking about writeing an IDEA on helpdek...
but so i think it is needless :-[
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