add an offline button

Started by xxc, April 21, 2011, 12:57:54

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After two days of using your application, I still finding usefull tricks !
And i also have some whishes ;-)
So my third whish is an offline button, in the bottombar, or the sidebar, to be able to switch between online and offline mode, so in offline mode we only use the cached tiles.
Look at my mockup.
Best regards, Vince


I wanna it too !!



lol, I'm going to request for this feature too ^^
Or may be an option to add the button to side bar.


Sur, an option to add the button to the side bar would be perfect !


hi guys. I currently released new market version with "quick switch" dialog. I think that new button on bottom panel is not necessary too much, so please try this panel. I can also add some more "switches" on it if needed (but not too much - this have to be "quick" switch panel, not "long") ... so what you think?
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Quick switch is cool... and I'm sure that there are soon several more things which can be added to the quick switch...

Where can I see at once whether I'm in online mode or not? Maybe there could be added a small dot red/green for offline/online?


Yeah! That's cool!I've just added the quick switch to side bar, that's almost perfect!
Good idea for the small red/green dot !