Wrong map name when using automatic vector map load

Started by michaelbechtold, May 23, 2016, 06:14:26

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Moving from one Country to another correctly swizches maps, but the name displayed in the top bar stays with the map of the old place and only switches to the correct name at zoom level 15 or so.

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Good day Michal,

imagine there exists one currently "main" vector map. Till Locus is not 100% sure, that map won't be needed, it's keeping as "main" map so it's visible in a title. When you will move far far away from this base map, title changes correctly.

This problem is connected to other problems with autoloading itself and few others. Problem is exact definition of map boundaries that will be solved with new LoMaps and I'm sure I'll solve also this problem - so name in title appear sooner then now.
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Thanks for the explanation,  Menion. No real harm,  as the right map is shown on the screen. I was simply curious, and now understand there is this concept of 'main' map. Pls. make sure that changes for LoMaps does not break the rest of the map world :-)

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