G4L: How to achieve these 2 things?

Started by twil69, April 22, 2016, 15:07:16

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After switching to a new Android device I decided to switch from c:geo entirely to Locus with G4L.
I used to use both in parallel before but felt, that then information is too distributed and also the workflow/handling in the field was a little clumsy.

With continued use I start to miss some things in Locus. Maybe they are there already?

There is one c:geo feature I really would like to see also in Locus:
When Live Map is active, in c:geo you have the option to display the currently visible caches as list.
This lets you select individual list entries, easily review D/T, type etc. and save them for offline usage in one go.
Is this possible in Locus, too?

Another thing:
During a multi-cache I frequently need to add new waypoints to a cache. These are cache waypoints and no regular Locus WPs. So I am using the G4L user interface to add them. On a longer hike my current position is at some point far off the original start location. I may be in map view or in guiding view. Now: In order to add a new WP to the cache description I need to go back to the map location of the cache WP symbol, bring up the details, select add WP. This is pretty cumbersome. Is there a more convenient way to achieve this right from my current location?