converting Mapsource maps?

Started by damon6768, April 16, 2011, 23:45:23

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I have been using Garmin Mapsource and birdseye as a navigation tool for work.  I really like my new Galaxy Tab and the Locus application but I would like to have the mapsource map as a base to start to download my map overlays.  My question is there a way to convert my .img Mapsource map to another format to load on to Locus....or is there a way to load the .img file directly on to Locus.  Sorry if this has already been answered but I have looked through the forums and search without finding anything.  

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You can follow the following steps.

1 download gpsmapedit (with this tool you can view and edit proprietary img files [anavasi, garmin] and export them to ozi map file etc)

2 download MAPC2MAPC.NET [m2msetup.exe] : This is a program to manipulate digital (raster) maps and their calibrations. It is not designed to handle vector maps nor to handle encrypted images. Can load map images and make mobile atlases for various formats [maverick in my "android" case and now locus]

Take the produced file from step 1(map file) and using MAPC2MAPC create the mobile atlas you want...

or take the produced file from step 1 , edit it with oziexplorer and then follow instructions by menion here: //