Images of deleted Track points not deleted

Started by Sonny, February 16, 2016, 15:30:35

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When recording a Track I often add points with Photo or Video Attachment. After deleting the track I expected Locus to delete these Media attachements too. But they are still there in the folder Locus/data/media and fill up the memory of my phone.

Could Locus please delete these media files too when deleting the track they belong to?


I just found the slightly hidden option: Settings/Miscellaneous/Clear tempory data/Unused attachments which finally deleted these Images.

I'm sure, not many Locus user know about this option. So what do you think about my idea of deleting them when deleting the track? Or at least run "clear data/Unused attachments" within a certain time period (each 1 or 2 months) or when the attachments reach a certain file size?

The same would be an idea for the Cache of online maps, which also could get very large after some months.


Hello sonny,

thanks for a bug report. I've improved it little bit and in case, track will have waypoints with attached attachments, during "delete" you will get also option to delete these attachments.
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