Locus freezes sporadically

Started by twil69, February 14, 2016, 11:06:00

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First of all:
I am going to describe a problem, for which I cannot really fully pinpoint the conditions yet.
So the purpose of this post is mainly to ask for pointers where to investigate further and probably also for similar experiences.
Of course, ideally there would be a solution already.

What I can say so far:
- I did not try it with Locus 3.15.3 yet, used the previous version, G4L is up to date
- it only happens when I am using the geacaching addon
- it only happens when I am prompted for input
- when it happens the phone is frozen, after some time I get a dialog whether I want to wait for Locus or want to close it
- once Locus was closed and restarted, I am immediately ending up in the same dialog, this time it is responsive and I can make inputs
- sometimes several dialogs of the same type are open
- it mostly happens when I want to add a new waypoint to the cache or edit an existing one
- it does not always happen
- sometimes after exiting Locus I am ending up in the lock screen, even though unlock is disabled and I just need to swipe up to unlock
- As an aside: When I want to edit the personal cache notes I am getting the input dialog but no keyboard opens

I know, that this is pretty fuzzy. But be assured: this is extremely annoying when in the field. All I want to do is change some digits and then I am ending up struggling with my phone. I suppose, that this has to do with interdependencies of the Android screen lock settings, Locus' overrides of the same (disable lock screen) and the geochaching addon. But this is just guessing from the symptoms, I am not a developer and I am not aware that there is some debug tracing feature to record what I am doing and which system state is present at that time.

Does anyone have similar experiences? And even more important: is there a solution?




please give us more
what device? what Androidversion? custom rom? aso
QuoteAs an aside: When I want to edit the personal cache notes I am getting the input dialog but no keyboard opens
the input dialog is grayed "Notes"?? and if you click in this line no keyboard opens?
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An yes; I am using a stock Android 5.1.1 on a Moto G 3rd gen.

As for the notes: Dialog is fully operable otherwise. Just when I hit the input field no keyboard pops up.



On Android 5.0..with SwiftKey..

I've also noticed this..concluded active Lockscreen blocking keyboard popup in Locus Pro.
Touch Homebutton, unlock...then enter Locus again..everything ok.
Frustrating.. >:(


I was eventually able to reproduce the problem:
(BTW, meanwhile my device received an update to Android 6.0)

There is even no connection to the G4L addon, reproduction is possible with native Locus functionality:

These are the steps:

- Check the timeout settings of Android, until the standby mode of the display is entered
- In Locus enable the "Disable screen lock"
- Create a waypoint
- Save and go back to map view
- Switch off the display
- Wait for a time >= the Android timeout value
- Switch the screen back on, you should see no locked screen but the map view
- Select the WP and select "Edit"
- The name is selected, the keyboard comes up
- Close the keyboard, select the location origin icon next to the coordinates
- BANG! The popup briefly flashes up, then disappears, leaving a dimmed screen
(this is new in Android6, in v5 display was only frozen/not responsive)
- Select back button without any effect
- You only get out of this via the home button
- Once done you see the lock screen
- Unlock and start Locus
- You end up in the WP edit dialog with the popup open

Interestingly, all works okay, if the "disable lock screen" in Locus is disabled.
Then you get the lock screen, when you switch on the display with the HW button
Once unlocked you see Locus and WP editing works without freezing.



Hmmm, this is the "official" Locus forum, right? And this is the "troubles and questions" section?
As I am not aware of any other way of reporting problems/bugs I would appreciate any kind of feedback, at least something along the lines of "yes, we have received your issue and will be looking into it". Or is no one of the developers monitoring this and the only thing you may hope for is some helpful co-user of Locus who may or may not have a solution. This would be pretty unsatisfactory for a programm which I learned to appreciate for its fidelity and vivid development activities.

So why does no one react? Wrong forum?Wrong topic? Wrong expectations?
I really would like to have this fixed, such hiccups should simply not happen for an otherwise quite stable and robust tool like Locus.



For an error report please use THIS link:

This forum is more a discussion(!) forum about a problem

Sorry for confusion.


Hi twil69,

as Locus app itself is still in hands of one developer, it quite depend on his time. And because this developer had small three day vacation and then started fully work on two main tasks around Locus, he was little bit ignoring this forum and help desk as well. Rest of story is known to you - he's back :).

Anyway sorry for a delay. As gynta wrote, best place to report a single common problem in stable version of Locus is out help desk. This forum remains as nice place for general discussion between users, for discussion about features that are just preparing, about beta versions and so on.

Anyway to your problem ... I was just trying to simulate it and no success. Anyway you are not the first one who has problems with this feature - "disable lock screen". Main problem here is anyway enormous list of combinations - various lock screens from Google Play, style of lock (slide to unlock, number to unlock, ...), various lock screens by device manufacturer, various lock screens in various custom/stock rom ... eh, crazy. In Locus is used quite common method that should work on most of devices.

Anyway if for someone, who use basic lock screen from manufacturer and has set just slide to unlock (not any other option) and this option still do not work, best is really - don't use it.

If you use any custom lock screen, I may only offer that I'll try it on own device if you send me link on Google Play.

EDIT: same issue on help desk:
- Official help (ideas, questions, problems):
- Advanced topics, sharing of knowledges: you're here!
- LM 4 Beta download, LM 4 Release download