zoom-level lost if switching to a raster Offline map

Started by Sonny, February 12, 2016, 10:37:14

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since about some week I've got the following problem: When switching to an offline raster map, the current zoom-level is lost and the raster map is displayed in its minimum zoom level.

For example I'm working in zoom level 15 and switching to the raster map. It is displayd now with Zoom level 6 and I've to zoom in severl times to have same view angle as I had with the the former map.

This problem is just when switching to raster maps. When switching to offline Vector map or Online map, the zoom level stays the same.


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Very good, just received the update. I should have waited another 2 hours ;)


Hi sonny, thanks balloni and glad that's solution works. Enjoy Locus
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