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Started by chorus9, November 18, 2015, 14:44:41

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I use Locus Pro about 1 years now and I am very happy with it.

AT Address Search Dialog
When I insert place name, locus autoloads mbtile maps.
But I insert place name, locus dose not autoload vector map(img format).
Search results are displayed in a list, but locus does not autoload vector map(img format).

Is there a solution?



Good day chorus,

fact, that after search of address, Locus loads any type of map, has nothing to do with address search itself. It is probably effect of action, that result of address search move your current map center to different place. And in case, you do not have current map visible on new map center, locus tries to automatically load any map with same type you currently use. So in case, you use some offline SQLite maps or MBT maps, Locus tries to load them. If you will be using in time you search for any address a vector map, then Locus will try to auto-load any available vector map.

I may suggest to enable "Quick map switch" in Settings > Map - control & panels, which should speed up change of maps little bit (extra icon with nearest maps directly on main screen).

Hope this explained little bit, how it works.
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