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Started by eldron, September 27, 2015, 19:08:35

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yup - used it by myself since this setting exists.
double tap hide/unhide panel, is a nice side effect too

@your first reply
can't find your hint in the docs.


I don´t want to control the track recording (pause, stop etc.), I just want to be able to see the stats (speed, distance etc.). So basically I just need to be able to open the track record panel. Is that even possible through the dashboard?
I´ll go for the hide time option, sounds like a good solution :-)


Hmm then dashboard is even better for you:

@gynta: hmm good solution with timings :)
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Marcus Aurelius

Is there something going on with the issue 'recording tracks'
Lost my track on sunday, unspite it was correctly setup.
My girlfriend yesterdag evening, running, coming home, no record ... :-(
ps use recording it for quite some time, and never lost a record track before ....


Quote from: Marcus Aurelius on October 06, 2015, 14:32:20
Is there something going on with the issue 'recording tracks'

well... and what is THE issue?
Are you sure, your post is on the right place, here in this "Track record button" topic?