Possibility to convert map.sqlitedb downloaded by Locus

Started by Ozi300, September 02, 2015, 16:25:44

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is it possible to convert downloaded Map from Locus (map.sqlitedb) in another map format like .jnx or .kmz or another format?

I tried it by Mapc2Mapc, but not able to open the map.sqlitedb file.

Thank you in advance!

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http://www.the-thorns.org.uk/mapping/help/load.html says...

QuoteFile Build Map from Map Source : This builds a map from a store of 256x256 map tiles. The tiles can come from a Tile Server on the Internet or a local tile store that may be individual files, a SQLITE database, MBTILES or MGMAPS. The available tile sources are specified in a file 'tileurls.txt' distributed with the program and can be extended with Edit Map Sources. The area to be built can be defined with a loaded Track file (or files) (the map covers the extent of the GPX points with a one tile margin around), from a named place (uses Geonames and needs an Internet connection) or from coordinates. For a named place or coordinates, the extent of the map surrounding the place is specified as the size of the margin (so a 3 tile margin will extend 7 tiles wide and high making 49 in all)

' think that's not a Locus specific topic
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