[APP] - version 3.11.x (9. 8. 2015)

Started by Menion, August 09, 2015, 16:40:15

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Hello guys,

I think there is no more to discuss about here as all was wrote before and I do not want to repeat myself. New version 3.12.0 is since yesterday already available on Google Play and seems to works quite well. Only major reported problem is some crash in new GPSies service, but it is not so serious issue as it is completely new service.

So for now, topic closed.

After discussion with Petr and Michal, I've decided to keep old sorting mechanism for offline maps as a default and enable improved "smart" sorting once, all sides will be satisfied.

Thanks for help with new version, thanks also all people who participate on translations and hope you will enjoy few interesting features!
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