Select region incompatible with map rotation

Started by merilius, April 10, 2011, 22:54:23

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This is a bug report.
I wanted to download map of a region. The region spans more E-W than N-S, so I rotated the map by pi/2 and selected "Download map" -> "This screen"
However, the region downloaded is different than from the one I had on the screen. It looks as if it was not rotated, that is as if the map was oriented north-on-the-top.

It is pretty annoying, as I was biking today in a region with a map only partly overlapping.

device: Samsung Galaxy Tab
system: Froyo
software: Locus Pro, current version


yes, this is correct. I don't think about it as about a bug ... hmm ... maybe a little :) Ok, I'll look at it ...
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