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Re: Offline navigation - BRouter v1.2+
« Reply #30 on: September 24, 2017, 08:51:46 »
Hmm, I do not think it was discussed, aside of the nogo iniciative at Locus side and private discussion of LocusMap and BRouter developers. I do remember Arndt, the BRouter author, once mentioned he was working on the new kinematic routing model.

A big part of changes are rather BRouter internal things. For an end user, the important features are these:

- completely new kinematic routing for cars(car-fast, car-eco)(*). It looks like a big thing. This routing  does not use the costfactor, so It currently bypasses the profile developer effort based on costfactor calculation. The routing is tuned by the parameter of maximal target speed vmax(90 for eco, 160 for fast, probably 130 or 110 for non Germans ).It could be tweaked by changing of max default speed for highways classes to change priorities..  I see I will have to rename my car profiles to avoid confusion. Probably by adding P as Poutnik.

- compatibility with the new LocusMap nogo point interactive management   ( for now in Locus beta)

- 2 minor things for profile developers

(*) seems to me as optional, depending on presence of the kinematic model context line in a profile. So in my understanding, both new kinematic car profiles and my old car profiles should be, after renaming, usable side by side.
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Re: Offline navigation - BRouter v1.2+
« Reply #31 on: March 08, 2018, 17:58:19 »
A new Brouter version is here

Quote revision, 07.03.2018)

fixed motorcar TR exceptions

added vr-forum profiles to distribution

added suspect manager to RouteServer

polygon nogo pull request (QMapShack)

nogo encoding pull request (QMapShack)

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