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Started by Menion, November 29, 2010, 15:14:09

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Update 9.11.2012

TOPIC OUTDATED (moved to bin)

    • New (unpublished) application builds? - here!
    • Manual? - yes, I wrote some texts, here (nice in mobile browser)

  • QUESTION - Why so many permissions?
    Just read this - //

  • QUESTION - I have a problem, what to do?
    First request - don't give a negative commentary on market or low stars. If problematic feature worked and now not, it should work again. If you want to use Locus and want to repair this issue, you should
    • check this discussions, if your problem is not already solved
    • create new topic with your issue here, and hope that some kind soul find solution
    • send me crash log from "locus/logs" directory on locus(@) email
    • describe me your problem on same email as above
    and I'm sure we find solution. Negative rating sends application between trash, and my taste to work also. Thanks.

  • QUESTION - How to create maps on computer?
    Just read this - //

  • QUESTION - How can I use my own very nice icons?
    Just read this - //

  • QUESTION - I like my old OziExplorer maps, can I use them?
    Just read this - //

  • QUESTION - I'm an developer, how can I send points to show on Locus?
    Just read this - //

  • QUESTION - Why basic map initialization takes so long?
    When I change format of initialized files or you just create new map or add your custom, application need to create some configuration files. Time needed for creating is based on type of map

    • TAR maps - create bounding box of map. More time takes initializing map tiles directory. I have to find every tile and cache his byte[] position if file. Then I should load this tile directly without moving through whole file. This takes really long time ..

    • SQL maps - also bounding box and also numbers of available zooms. SQLiteDB format is little weird, so I have to go through whole database and find unique zoom numbers. For this I use this "SELECT DISTINCT z FROM table_tiles" ... which on big map files takes soooo long ...

     so, take excuse from me, but this initialization is really needed. On second side, thanks to it, maps are really fast and next starts are fast too. About frequency of configuration file changes - I really don't like to do this, so as I know, file changed in version 0.4.0 and now in 0.6.10. And I hope that this is enough for a long time.

  • PROBLEM - Tar compression error - maps cannot be downloaded and compressed
    This error is mystery for me. Sometimes someone write me about this. On my phone this never happen - unfortunately. But solution is to delete whole cache directory. You will loose map that is currently downloading, your cached Online maps and some cached indexed files. But I believe, that then all will be working fine...
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