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Started by Christian Madsen, May 21, 2015, 20:11:52

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Christian Madsen

Just wanted a clean and simple set of cursors for my maps. Ended up with these.

Some of the icons are influenced from other map cursors in the forum. All is drawn by me and free for all to use. The compass needle is inspired by a competition compass from Silva. Have fun.

Download the file.
Put the "Simple_Cursors.zip" file in "Locus/icons/cursors/". Do not unpack it.

In Locus, go to "Settings -> Map - objects & style", click on "Map cursors" and choose "Simple_Cursors".

In newer versions of Locus, go to "Settings -> Controlling -> Map Screen, click on "Map cursors" and choose your file of choice.


Christian Madsen

VER 2.0 of the icons. Some small changes.

The current move arrow was to complex for the theme. Changed it to a simple inverted "v".

The gps symbol is altered so that the outermost ring is thicker when not moving. When moving, the ring will go thin and the move arrow gets thick instead. I think this makes it easier to se the difference between the two modes.

Hope you like it.


Christian Madsen

Another update. Ver 2.5 I guess :-)

Changed ic_location_cross,  ic_location_view and ic_rotate_arrow to better fit the total look and feel of the theme.
Slightly increased size and contrast to make it easier to use in daylight.
Made three versions: mdpi, hdpi and xhdpi. Separated in folders.

Ic_location_cross now has crosshairs with a black dot in the middle. I think this works better than the previous "boxed" version.
Ic_location_view is altered with dotted lines,  to make it more distinctive from the inverted v in the move cursor.
Ic_rotate_arrow is remodeled to look more like the rest of the cursors. The former was to different from the theme.




Thank you, i will try them today on my bike!

Christian Madsen

This file was zipped with an extra directory level and will not be usable in Locus Map without some changes. Updated files in a post below.

Version 3.0?
Just a little cleanup. Added a black outline for increased contrast when using different maps.

SVG-file available.


Seems the settings structure has changed.
I put the zip in the right place - but where to select those cursors in the latest version of Locus ?
TXs and cheers


Hello Michael, Christian
the zip file contain "Simple Cursors v3" twice,  folder and subfolder
so unpack this zip and pack only hdpi, mdpi, xhdpi to new "Simple Cursors v3.zip"
and copy it to locus/icons/navigation
Quotebut where to select those cursors in the latest version of Locus ?
settings/controlling/Map screen/Map cursors

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Christian Madsen

EDIT: uploaded cleaned up images and added thumbnails

My bad. I am sorry for any inconvinience I may have caused.

Here is the updated file, v3, together with three additional versions of the "move" file, 3-1, 3-2 and 3-3.




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