[Q / OT] Editing speed in rec. track

Started by Christian, April 14, 2015, 18:28:25

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Hi all,
totally OT but interesting for me.
I did a run today and had a lot of breaks due to fingering into setting in Locus beta and fallen trees which i have to climb. So time and speed are not regular. (normally no worries)
Do anyone know how to edit / filter the track to get a realistic time w/o the breaks? I use german GPS-Track-Analys.NET and can filter all points "as errors" with speed less than a value i created. But then i can only delete this selection of points.
Imho if there is a time stamp causing a speed close to zero this value should be changed to the value of the next point with a time stamp causing speed bigger then zero.
Am I wrong? Any hints for processing or tools?