restrict public intents to Locus Pro?

Started by zossebart, April 10, 2015, 13:00:58

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is there a way to restrict the public intents to Locus Pro (excluding Locus Free/Testing)?

I use the public intent "locus.api.andoid.ACTION_TRACK_RECORD_START" to start track recording from tasker when my phone is attached to the bike handlebar (triggered by NFC).
Unfortunately, the intend starts track recording in Locus Pro, as well as in Locus Free at the same time (I keep Locus Free installed in order to get the testing versions).
Is there a way to only trigger Locus Pro with the intent?
I am aware that Locus is able to directly start track recording by NFC, but I have some other tasks attached to the event (mounting of the phone on the handlebar) (e.g. enable silent mode of the phone), for which I need tasker.



You need to specify package of intent to Locus Pro - "". Do not know if this is possible in tasker, should be.
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Ah! thanks for the fast answer! It works as aspected now!

Thanks again for this very nice and helpful app!