Full usebility with ARC / App Runtime for Chrome (Beta)

Started by Joachim Buhl, April 04, 2015, 09:11:39

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Joachim Buhl


As Locus is developing to a really good route planning software including the best maps for mountainbiking (openandromaps), I would like to use it under Windows for planning routes with my laptop.
Right now we have to use Bluestacks or something similar to run Locus under windows.
But there is ARC to run android apps in Chrome.

I tested it with Locus Free APK 2.17.0 because I found this APK on the web very fast.
It seems to work.

It's easier to handle than Bluestacks, its faster with no lags.

Is it possible to test the newest APK?




QuoteIs it possible to test the newest APK?
create your backup apk with  e.g. ES Dateiexplorer and test it  ;)

you can also try V3.5.3
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Joachim Buhl



I did a backup of the current apk and it works.
But no touch up to now.
Does anybody knows which local directory ARC is using on the disk for putting maps to?
Dropbox is also not working yet.



I'm also trying to use Locus via the Chrome thing. I'm stuck at the initial setup "locus needs to download extra data, 5Mb". What do I need to put in the ~/Documents/ARC/Locus    directory for it to work  ?

Thanks !