Live Tracking with Spotwalla - is it possible ?

Started by ohgood, March 30, 2015, 20:01:29

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I've been watching BubblerGPS' progress for a little while. It's the application that uplaods current locations to Spotwalla. I've also been watching MapMyTracks progress too. They're working fairly well, and would be a great addition to the functionality of Locus.

The UI for setting up Live Tracking in Oruxmaps is via email, and would really be welcomed (for me) if it were part of Locus setups for Live Tracking.

Would this be possible, or has it been done already and I just need to input server and GET values ?

Thanks ! :)


What means "Spotwalla"?
...And w.t.h. are "Ourxmaps"?  ;)