Any way to rearrange user maps order?

Started by ultrafire88, April 02, 2011, 10:32:26

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Is there a way to rearrange the order of my user maps? Tried to do a search on this forum but didn't see an answer.

(Btw, I found out the way (I think only way) to rename the maps is to do it through the PC.)

Thks in advance



Right now, there is no way to change the order of user maps. They are listed alphabetically.
And yes, right now, there is no way to rename user maps within the app. But you don't need a pc to rename them. You can do this with a file explorer. Just go to locus folder on sd card and look into the maps folder. There you go.

Cheers, berkley

P.S. Should this topic moved to the wishlist?
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Thks for responding, berkley.

My user maps are not listed alphabetically (if they were i would be more than happy) but more like, in the order that i downloaded the maps.

I didnt raise this in the wishlist bec i wasnt sure if i had missed a simple way to rearrange the maps given that i have only had the app for a couple of days. Also, its def not a deal-breaker for me and i guess it should not detract from other more important or useful changes that the dev might want to focus on

Cheers then,


ah sorry ... order is just ... chaos :) ... so "fixed" now and order is alphabetical, ok? I think this is enough. There is no need for same special settings for sorting ...
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wow, that was quick! alphabetical is great - if i want to put any maps on top, i can just add an "AA" in front of the map name. thanks!