workaround for displaying 2 WMS maps

Started by Andet, February 07, 2015, 22:13:53

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I need to display 2 WMS maps from the same server. One is very good satellite image and second is plots with numbers.
I know that Locus isn't capable to overlay two WMS maps, but is there any workaround to achieve this?

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WMS archieve isn´t possible. We asked years ago for this feature, but until today no. and the answer of menion
As far as I know you can try Oruxmaps for this, but you can´t use Locus later to display the stored "tiles".
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Locus Map is not able to use two WMS maps.Hovewer I can suggest to try Locus GIS. Locus GIS is still in development but it's almost ready for release. If you want to try the last beta version,plase follow these steps:

You need to join into Google Plus beta tester page. Please ask for membership on page

On Google+ site (in right panel) is direct link "Become member" where you can join into members of testing group. Then you can also Open Google Play application and search for Locus GIS or visit the web page: to install Locus GIS

Please feel free to test it, create projects, import/export SHPfiles ..etc. We'll appreciate any comments, ideas, bugs report... Unfortunately the Google+ page is little bit unusable for us because we can not categorize your requests or issues. For this reason I'd like to ask you for writing requests on our help desk



@Peter: I attended the beta tester group but the playstore link doesn't work and I also can't find the app in play store


there are two steps:
1. join to G+ group  and then
2. become member of testing group (link is in right panel on the G+ page)

After that link should works but there is sometimes delay for example one hour because google needs to propagate settings across google's services



I did 1. + 2. yesterday before I wrote my post.
Now I tried again, still playstore tells me that the link/app doesn't exist.
In advance to a possible next question: Yes, I use the same google account for Google+ and Playstore.


Hmm strange. I've checked again that you're member of Google+  page. Unfortunately I cannot check if you're a member of beta testing group. I don't have permission for this and menion is on vacation. It has to be some google's mess :)
What happens if you click on "Become member" again? Does it show you that you're already a member? Have you tried to search Locus GIS in Google Play app?


hi guys, I think .. 'dont waste your time', version will be in second half of February public so there will be no need for this beta group.
- Official help (ideas, questions, problems):
- Advanced topics, sharing of knowledges: you're here!
- LM 4 Beta download, LM 4 Release download