[Theme] outdoor and desert for openandromaps

Started by bm.ffb, February 05, 2015, 23:25:30

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Dear friends of the openandromaps and the "outdoor" theme,

about a year ago I have published my "outdoor" theme. Since then I have made many changes to the theme and developed a version specifically useful for lower polulated areas. I have called it "desert" because most ideas came to me on a trip in Namibia. All features and designs are equal in both themes, most differences are only in the zoom-level appearance and font-sizes.

Again the themes concentrate on details needed special for a variety of outdoor activities (water sources, drinking water taps, supermarkets, bakeries, hostels, campgrounds, as well as alpine huts and via ferrata). The themes also show ski slopes and sledding areas.
They are also enhanced for the usage during a city trip using public transport. I. e. they will show subway lines (blue) and tram lines (green), each with all stations.


UPDATE: The outdoor theme is now called outdoorX!
=> Both themes are now exclusively found at:

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Desert and outdoor as Screenshot.
Nice! Will test it asap in the wild.


Thank you for the screenshots.

An thanks for the theme at bm.ffb Very nice.
Regards J.


i loved the desert theme, before i updated my vector maps. remind me what i need to do to prevent everything being BLUE with map updates please ?