Remove line route with the disappearance of gps

Started by Александр Александров, February 02, 2015, 09:32:12

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Александр Александров

Do not tell me what to do. When recording the route in some places (buildings) lost gps. And after finding new gps coordinates from the previous to the actual coordinates of the point connects a straight line.As it can be removed in the settings


I´m not sure if I understand you correctly.
You  want to stop automatically track recording if GPS signal is lost and start recording if GPS signal is found again?
Regards J.

Александр Александров




unfortunately Locus do not have this feature - "auto stop" based on GPS available/not available. Generally, when there is no GPS signal, then no data are recorded, then why this automatic pause should be needed?

You can consider voting for similar feature here on help desk , where "auto stop" is based on current speed and not GPS signal which I think should be more usable.
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