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Started by suchuaato, April 01, 2011, 14:00:52

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Hi Menion,
Firstly, I have been trying out your app, it is very good, if I can work out how this market thing works I will buy the paid one.
I have looked but can not find how to guide along a track;
ie after creating the first track point (poi), second track point , third point ...etc.. that make up a track/route
have locus guide point me to the first point then after arriving switch to guiding/point me to the second, and then to the third and so on.  
It would be nice to be able to store this route, and run it in reverse so I can return to my start.
I should add I am trying to do this offline as I am often in places with poor reception and no data signal, so was looking for a simple offline multiple  point to points
Kind regards Stuart


Hi Stuart...

I don't know if i got your point right. But I guess, some people talked before about trackback...

Cheers, berkley
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