Locus crashes after open cache details from new pop-up-label

Started by mambofive, November 12, 2014, 09:43:28

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When I tap on a cache on the map, the new (nice!) pop-up label opens.
If I tap on the pop-up label, the cache details page opens.

If I repeat this several times (open pop-up-label, open cache details, back button, open cache details, back button...), Locus crashes reproducably - sometimes after 2-3 iterations, sometimes after 10.

If I can produce some debug output / logs etc., please tell me.


Since there was no reply, this must have been a local problem on my device.  :-\
However, after updating to Lollipop, the problem is gone.  8)


I'm sure you are not the only one with this issue - it will be probably same as here

Unfortunately I was fighting with it for quite a long time and seems it's unable to solve it by any way. So it's an rare issue in some versions of Android 4.4 which is already fixed in new A5
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