Display activation by gesture control not working

Started by shushuk, October 02, 2014, 12:32:04

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Hi everybody,
I would like to move a topic already discussed in german forum (but not solved) here. Thanks to user 0709 so far !!!

Short description:
I am using Locus Pro 3.2.3 on a Motorola Defy (Stock Rom) and would like to use the feature display activation by gesture control. Anzeige-->Display(de)Aktivierung (in german version) is ON with the gesture control option set.

Proximity sensor is working (tested with the app Proximity Sensor Finder). At least it switches between 3 and 100 cm (nothing inbetween)

Does anybody else have had this problem and found a solution?
Should I wait for next official version with an (hopefully) updated gesture control feature?

Thanks for any help


hmm 100 cm is really weird and is quite close to "nonsense", sorry. usually sensors has range 5 - 10cm. Their main purpose is to turn off screen when you put device close to head and 100 cm? :)

Also better then "wave once/wave twice", try "move hand before sensor once/twice". I found laying hand before sensor and back a lot more precise then wave that is not always correctly registered.
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Very, very funny, gynta.

Back to Topic:
The proximity Sensor definitely is working. It seems to show all (3cm) or nothing (100cm).
During a Phone call it works perfectly (just like in the Video). So no screwdriver is needed.

Could any other Defy-user check this feature?


Hi again,
I updated Locus to Version 3.3.0, unfortunately no change with gesture-controlled Display activation on a Defy....
This is definitely not critical for me of course. But a bit sad though as it would make things easier on the bike.