Author Topic: No .tcx file support Locus ?  (Read 10255 times)

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Re: No .tcx file support Locus ?
« Reply #15 on: March 23, 2018, 17:45:23 »
Methods supported since Locus Pro V3.30.2

Navigation by gpx file.

A. Instructions in associated (wpt)waypoints.   (Import and export)

Successful navigation by (no extension) gpx (trk)track_navwpt file.
By track_navwaypoint file. Association by position AND timestamp.

Some gpx benefits compared to tcx.

- No character limit in name gpx or navwpt as in tcx name (15)course_(10)coursepoint. 
- (Optional) <desc> element can contain extra info.
- Supports not only L/R/S directions but all Locus variant directions by the [EN]<sym>.
- Supports multiple Via point Icons as there are the (266)Garmin ones, and (98)Locus ones.
- By (dropbox) file share easy fine tuning by alternative programs.
- Transfer inclusive freely positioned (poi)waypoints in the gpx file.
- Smaller total file size.

Find example file in attachments:  11A_G_stwg_trk_navwpt_poi.gpx

Navigation by gpx file.
By the next presented (IMO) SUPERIOR simple method !

B. Instructions in rtept points:) :) :)  (Import)

The wpt_poi list by the gpx (rte)route_navrtept method IS NOT cluttered by a huge amount of associated waypoints because instructions are discreetly hidden into the rtept's.

By pc program* gpx editor create a ** Via or Nav Point plus add freely positioned (poi)waypoints in the exported gpx file, a handy functionality that is incomprehensibly not offered by Locus.  >:(

Edit <sym>text by (pc) "gpx editor" or Notepad ++ etc.
The exact <sym>text must be known.
In attachment : 3 gpx files to exactly find out.

1. The Garmin Icon list. (Wpt) gpx <name>text is identical to gpx <sym>text.
2. The Locus Icon list. (Wpt) gpx <name>text is identical to gpx <sym>text.
3. The Locus Navigation commands Icon list. (Route) by rte_navrtept.
Import this route into Locus. Tap the imported "Route from waypoints".
Choose trackdetails -> Waypoints.
The gpx <name>text is identical to gpx <sym>text.
In gpx <cmt> find the Morse Character used for turn announcements according to supported <sym>

More Info.
Navigation by free voice "Morse". (Locus store > Features > Morse Voice Samuel: Download).

*  gpx editor:

Navigation commands.

**  Unsupported gpx sym text automatically results in Via Point promotion.
      Free text in gpx cmt is displayed at the top panel of the navigation map.

Examples in the attachments. (Register and login into the forum !)
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