Bing map on Locus pro

Started by crazycatlady, September 09, 2014, 13:49:42

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I am unable to find Bing OS Map to download into Locus Pro. My friend who also owns a Samsung phone has it on his so where is it


Locus unsupported Bing Maps basically.  See here:


Your friend should make a copy of his providers.xml which you can try (after you have made a backup of yours).
You find it under /Locus/mapsOnline/custom.
Regards J.


i have a backup from 31.7.2012 if anyone is interested in it, im sure this can be added to your own custom providers.xml

reply here or send me a message

Find '<!--' in 'E:\HTC One Back Up Files\Locus\mapsOnline\custom\providers.xml' (31/07/2012 17:46:44; 31/07/2012 17:46:44):
E:\HTC One Back Up Files\Locus\mapsOnline\custom\providers.xml(3): <!-- GOOGLE maps -->
E:\HTC One Back Up Files\Locus\mapsOnline\custom\providers.xml(76): <!-- OVI maps -->
E:\HTC One Back Up Files\Locus\mapsOnline\custom\providers.xml(118): <!-- YAHOO maps -->
E:\HTC One Back Up Files\Locus\mapsOnline\custom\providers.xml(147): <!-- BING maps -->
E:\HTC One Back Up Files\Locus\mapsOnline\custom\providers.xml(201):     <!-- BergFex Austria Zoom 8-13 -->   
E:\HTC One Back Up Files\Locus\mapsOnline\custom\providers.xml(212):     <!-- BergFex Austria Zomm 14 -->   
E:\HTC One Back Up Files\Locus\mapsOnline\custom\providers.xml(253):     <!-- BergFex Austria Zoom 15 -->   
E:\HTC One Back Up Files\Locus\mapsOnline\custom\providers.xml(336): <!-- YANDEX maps -->
E:\HTC One Back Up Files\Locus\mapsOnline\custom\providers.xml(365): <!-- ENIRO maps -->
E:\HTC One Back Up Files\Locus\mapsOnline\custom\providers.xml(419): <!-- MY TOPO maps -->
E:\HTC One Back Up Files\Locus\mapsOnline\custom\providers.xml(435): <!-- OUTDOOR ACTIVE maps -->
E:\HTC One Back Up Files\Locus\mapsOnline\custom\providers.xml(494): <!-- NEARMAP maps -->
E:\HTC One Back Up Files\Locus\mapsOnline\custom\providers.xml(567): <!-- AERO maps -->
E:\HTC One Back Up Files\Locus\mapsOnline\custom\providers.xml(609): <!-- AMUDANAN maps -->
E:\HTC One Back Up Files\Locus\mapsOnline\custom\providers.xml(651): <!-- ESRI maps World-->
E:\HTC One Back Up Files\Locus\mapsOnline\custom\providers.xml(784): <!-- ESRI maps special -->
E:\HTC One Back Up Files\Locus\mapsOnline\custom\providers.xml(890): <!-- ESRI maps Demographics in USA -->
Found '<!--' 17 time(s).
Search complete, found '<!--' 17 time(s). (1 file(s)).