augmented reality poor accuracy

Started by joze, September 03, 2014, 23:32:01

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I played with AR (latest testing version, offlines pois) and observed some oddities (assuming they're not related to the sensor failure as reported in my previous post).

Generally I find the AR accuracy quite poor. This is probably not a Locus issue but an issue of inaccurate sensors.

But what I found very strange is that the position of the AR poi's in the image depends on the screen orientation.

Look at the three attached images. I labelled some peaks with numbers 1 .. 4.

  • In the landscape.jpg image, the poi "Puig Campana" is a little right from peak 1 and Monte Ponoig is about above peak 3
  • In the skewed.jpg image, the poi "Puig Campana" moved to peak 2 and Monte Ponoig is between the peaks 3 and 4
  • In the portrait.jpg image, the poi "Puig Campana" is between peaks 2 and 3 (2 is not visible in this image) and Monte Ponoig is far left of peak 4

any ideas? is this a sensor issue or is there some AR calculation error?

Btw.: the angle which is drawn into the radar seems to be the same for portrait and landscape mode. I'd have expected to get a narrower angle in portrait mode because then the field of view is smaller.


Thanks for a nice report. Unfortunately I have to say, that AR add-on is currently out of any developing plans. I more think about removing it from Google Play then keeping it malfunction. Sorry.
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