Can't buy LoCoins

Started by woytekm, August 31, 2014, 19:12:25

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Hello, i'm trying to download some part of SHOCart map (non-free) directly from Locus Free. Here's what i do:
- start Locus Free, select SHOCart Hike map
- on my phone screen, i choose map area which interests me
- i open map manager and choose "download"
- i choose "download area on screen", enter map name and choose "dowlnoad"
- Locus says that i don't have enough LoCoins to purchase this map, and offers me to purchase additional coins
- when i choose option to purchase more coins, i'm presented with map index, where i can choose SHOCart again
- then again i'm presented with download options when i can choose to download screen area, and go back to dialog saying that i don't have enoug LoCoins (and the loop closes)...

So basically i can't purchase additional coins. Also, i can't see LoCoins in Android store as a separate product... what am i doing wrong?


maybe you want to skip the step with downloading maps for now. And go directly to Locus Store from Menu. Then hit the upper right icon (a person) which opens your profile. There you should find an option for purchasing LoCoins. Do this.
Then try downloading your map again.
Cheers, berkley
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