"Add new route" tool little issues

Started by netimen, March 29, 2011, 10:18:10

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1. I add two points and Locus calculates the distance between them: 321m
and then I use the Compute route tool
[attachment=0:3senspsv]locus-track-computed.png[/attachment:3senspsv]Still the the distance between the points remains the same: 321m. Could you please update that information on the screen, so one could see the correct length of his path? This would be very helpful in route planning: I could see, that if I go this way, there would be say 1 km route length.

2. Always when I start the Compute route tool, I get the dialog, where I have to choose the type of the route. Could you please add an option to remember the choice? This could save many taps, when adding a large route