Track color "Change of altitude" depends on zoom level

Started by vueltaconicarus, August 31, 2014, 01:22:24

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Dear community,

I tracked a hiking trip and wanted to display it using the "change of altitude" style for track coloring. However, I noticed that the coloring changes between zoom levels 15 and 16 -> see screenshots. This only happens for recorded tracks, not for tracks obtained by the "Navigate to" feature. Also, the effect vanishes when I manually "Fill altitude" of the track, overwriting the height information by the altitudes taken from the map data itself.
Can anybody confirm this or explain what happens?

Thanks, and best regards,



I think this is the mechanism from "zoom level for points simplification" setting


@Menion: isn't it?

...but i can't reproduce it - yet  :-\


Hi gynta!

It would appear that you used a track obtained by the "Navigate to" feature, as is exactly follows the track on the map. And you used coloring depending on altitude, not on _change_ of altitude.

Here is a part of the track I used in the screenshot, once in original (recorded) state, once after filling the altitude, and the corresponding track generated by the "Navigate to" feature. The weird effect only appears for the original recorded track. Can you confirm this?

Cheers, Manfred