Can't use the guiding tool in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Started by netimen, March 28, 2011, 14:13:04

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Today I bought the Locus Pro version and I'm really happy about it, because this app is far better than all other navigation apps I have seen on the market.

Still, I have an issue with the guiding tool: Locus wants me to go through the river! :)



hello, so finally on forum, welcome :)

to your "problem". Hmm :) ... what you see is correct. This is just a guiding line between your actual possition and point you're "guiding on". It's just a direct line between two points. Locus do not have regular navigation. It's purpose is primary for turistic, not like automobile navigation software. If you want get path between two points, you can draw by a little complicated method draw path from these two points and let Locus compute thanks to one web service, path.

Some info is in this very nice review (at the end) ... ellaneous/
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OK, thank you I got it ) May be you post a little HowTo on guiding?