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Started by Masterijn, August 03, 2014, 21:08:15

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I find that when we pause our walks for few longer moment to sit on a bench, the measured track length is getting a lot lengthier than the actual one (+10%). I guess this is because gps noise is recorded as well. I suppose by using a good noise canceling method, the 2 will be close together. My wish would be that this method would be more advanced. I know there are parameters by which to tune the recording like time and distance. But a stronger method, would also take different parameters or could be self learning. I know Oziexplorer works internally by taking angle, velocity changes etc into acount. For the user, only one "smoothing factor" parameter could be enough. Which even could be chosen with some preview/feedback when saving the current track and then controlling the post processing of raw data.
In short:
More advanced realtime smoothing for track display
Recording of gps raw data and controllable advanced smoothing with feedback when saving the track.


Isn't there the option to only record points when speed is above 0 kmh?
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Hmm I thought I had set this option on, but I didn't. Next walk I will check the result. Nethertheless I think the thought of raw data, which can be turned into a definite track with some extra tuning could be fruitfull.