Licensing: moving pro license to another account

Started by merilius, July 09, 2014, 19:06:16

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I own a pro license which I use on my old device.
Now I have a new android device, but I registered it with a new google account. (and I want to keep it this way)

So I have the following questions:
1) can I use Locus pro on the new device at the same time?
2) if not, can I move the license to the new device only?
3) I have a Jolla Phone too, which is not android at all. There are no google services in particular. Locus runs on it pretty well. Is there a way to have a pro version for it?


U can use more than one google account on one phone...try it ;-), if not then i dont know a legal way.




Sorry for late answer, Hanka, who usually care of this types of questions is currently out of office.

Anyway I'll try to answer:

1) there is no limit on number of devices on one accout, so yes ...
3) to have fullly working Pro version is really required Google Play or Android AppCenter application. Without ability to check license, Locus won't run at all.
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For the Jolla part:
It should be possible to install the AppCenter from AndroidPit on the OS. Simply navigate to on your mobile, click install. You can get a Locus Pro license there and of course all the updates for the future.

But I'm not sure, if it's possible to change license validation from Google Play to AndroidPit?
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