.kml file's Polygon innerBoundryIs fault

Started by greenup, June 13, 2014, 21:18:52

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I have been using a cool tool on the internet to generate a .kml file to use in locus; the .kml draws circles on the map to represent a scaled-down model of the solar system.


When displayed in google maps, the orbits of the planets (especially mercury and pluto are like colored donuts, with a circle in the middle of the colored area.  In locus, the .kml displays more like a series of semi-transparent disks, with the circle at the outside edge.  (can't even see through to the map after four are overlayed.)

it appears that locus is filling the interior of the polygon (circle) described, but not stopping at the "innerBoundryIs".  and I'm not even sure about the line for the planet's orbit.

thanks for any help-


Hello greenup,

unfortunately this is correct - Locus is currently not able to handle inner boundaries, so they are ignored.
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