Problem with Garmin GPS10x

Started by LuboBa, March 25, 2011, 08:40:05

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I have Garmin GPS10x and want to use it as external bluetooth GPS
but the Locus connects to it and imedialety disconnects sayin software aborted

does somebody have make it work this GPS ??
THis GPS works with App "Bluetooth GPS Provider" but I do not like the concept
I woul apreciate if it worked directly

Thnx for input


No I don´t have a Garmin GPX 10x. But are you sure, that your system GPS and your App "Bluetooth GPS Provider" are not running while testing?
I had some troubles too, in the past,  using the "internal Locus --> external GPS connection, but I got it to run. However I´m a bit more convinced from the "third party" solution with Bluetooth GPS ( ... _fzpr.html).
So I use a cheap "JENTRO BT-GPS-8 - Bluetooth GPS" (Sirf III) with the free Bluetooth GPS app and and the very best  :!: map app  (Locus) every day.  For me it works perfectly.
But you are right, it a little bit more clumsy.

Regards J.


Bluetooth GPS app does also not work with this Garmin GPS10x
I do not know why, but I may have something to do with support of GARMIN own format in this device

I was just curios if somebeody have the same problem that I have.
at least I found one software that works


Would you tell the comunity, which software solved your problem? ;)
Search before posting!!!
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"Bluetooth GPS Provider" from android market works with Garmin GPS 10x and Location mocking enabled
but I would prefer direct solution in Locus if possible :)