GPS and the map sequent

Started by Docharkheh, May 15, 2014, 23:24:04

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hi, ehmm ... welcome to forum :). May you please explain what's this topic about? More precisely please, thanks
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thanks! i use locus pro,

without navigation , just using a cycle track and GPS, how is it possible to see my current GPS position on the right map sequence automatically, where i am cycling? at the moment i just scroll the map to the right posiotion, that is not comfortable!

another very important question:
i just lost this morning my entire backup, export, mapsVector folder an some ohter data on SD kard! how is it possible? what should i do now? losing these folder far from home could be hopeless!

sorry, that i did not write in right folder in forum, i just do not know, how!


Just push the button in the bottom left corner and it will lock on to your position (check settings: map controls/hold center method should be checked)