FC when writing Field Note

Started by CaptKaos2, May 15, 2014, 22:26:07

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I noticed a problem today whilst using Locus Pro (2.20.2).  If I select Field note in portrait mode and turn the phone to landscape to write the note, when I have finished and select confirm  I get the window "Unfortunately Locus Pro has stopped"
When it restarts and I select Field note again the note is there , so it is just a matter of selecting it, selecting store offline from the Choose menu and then confirm.
If I turn the phone to Landscape prior to selecting field note and also if after writing the note I  turn the phone back to portrait this does not happen. In those cases I get the green success window .


ah thanks you, issue finally found and now also fixed!
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Thank Menion
I await the new version, until then I'll just remember not to turn the phone.  :)