Problem After uninstall and reinstall

Started by cerdovolador, March 23, 2011, 02:19:19

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I've been using Locus for 3 month, and I had to uninstall the app  for a while to free memory, (I didn't erase any date, just uninstalled)
but when I reinstalled the app again, Locus didn't  recognize any of the previous POIs, or tracks I recorded.
However donwloaded maps  did  were recognized.
I realize that inside locus folder still remain my old data from POIS (.sqll files)
I don't know how to restore my Pois and tracks, I installed the latest version (your new free version) but still nothing.
My Phone model is HTC Desire.

Thanks for everything


When I tried something real weird in Locus, i made some really uninteresting POI in a really uninteresting category. (This was just for testing purposes).
So, the category name was "testing". ;) However, when the testing was done, i deleted the category "testing".

The funny part on that story is: When I create a new category "testing", all the POI i created ages before, are in it ;)

If you remember the old names from your category, you could try that out... Good Luck!!!
Search before posting!!!
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Hi, I did some updates in both databases but both should be still able to use and convert your old database. As I remember in one moment I had to delete track database but I'm not sure about time. If you want, just send me your track database file and i'll look at it

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Well, I tried what berkley said and it worked for the POIS (thank you berkley), but not for the tracks recorded or edited manually.
Menion I sent you my  locus folder.