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Started by CaptKaos2, April 23, 2014, 18:55:04

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Whilst doing a clean up of my phone I noticed that the Locus/logs folder had approx 1GB of files all named gps_data_[1398......].raw that appear to contain NMEA data.
After checking settings and making sure the Record NMEA is not set, also playing around with how I connect my B/T GPS to Locus, I found that they are only written when I connect by internal B/T manager. If I use an external B/T app (Bluetooth GPS Provider) these files are not written.
I have tried it with 2 GPS's, a Qstarz 818XT and a Dual XGPS150A and the results are the same.
Is it OK to just delete these files?



ah, I'm really really sorry. I tested once quite a long time ago Bluetooth system and I created this storing of NMEA for one user. And this feature is still there and seems to be active also in valid public version.

So thank you very much. I'll fix it to next version. And yes, there is absolutely no problem, just delete whole directory with these files. Sorry once more!
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Thanks for that Menion, files deleted.