Locus maps on ext. SDCard with version 2.20

Started by marder, March 26, 2014, 20:34:57

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since Locus map has upgraded to version 2.20, I cannot access maps on ext . SDCard. I have a Samsung S4 with custom 4.4.2 ROM that allows writing on ext. SDCard.

I have reinstalled an older version of Locus (2.19.1) and everything is working fine.

However, with version 2.20, despite numerous trials and reboots, the /storage/extSdCard/Locus directory is completely ignored and a fresh, empty one is created on /sdcard and then used.


Hello marder,

I'm sorry for this. We suffer from changes in 4.4. SD card access and during some testing, it seems that something has a changed little.

May you please test this test version if it works for you correctly? I plan to release version tomorrow, so I need to be sure it's ok for you. Thanks
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Hi Menion,
you don't need to be sorry. Locus maps is a great product and you are giving it a lot of dedication !

Thanks for the test version.
When I started it, it prompted me to choose the default Locus directory and I could choose the SD Card. It then worked as expected. Many thanks !