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Started by balloni55, February 20, 2014, 14:15:35

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sometimes it is usefull to present your device screen for your audience on pc-monitor/beamer.
I found a suitable solution for rooted phones, the speed with usb or wifi is nearly realtime.
You are able to operate on device as usual, or with keyboard and mouse on pc.
Sorry,the quality of the created videoclip is not the best, but i think you see the necessary steps and funktion.

Required program for pc:   requirement: minimum WIN7
together with  free android app:
for general funktion test, it works 1 minute after each start.
If it works and you enjoy it:

At first connection my WIN7 firewall blocked the traffic and the device was not recogniced, i have to enter the IP by hand to connect till i changed the rules
WIN7/system/windows-firewall/advanced settings/incoming rules/"BBQ screenclient"/properties/general/allow connection
than the app is recogniced and i was able to connect by one click.

With my "SGS2 Android 4.0.3 IceCreamSandwich" the menue/home/return buttons are not displayed on pc, so i use this app to generate the softkeys for pc use:

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Nice find!!! ;)

How is the energy behaviour on the phone?
What happens when screen turns off?

Too lazy to install it myself right now...  8)

Maybe a solution for that problem here:
Well anyway, he still needs to figure out some other things.
Search before posting!!!
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Good work! - you know, i like clips  ;)

Does anyone know a "nonroot" possibility?


QuoteHow is the energy behaviour on the phone?
i have no amperemeter on my phone  :o please take me by your hand to answer the question
QuoteWhat happens when screen turns off?
in settings is an option "keep screen on"
QuoteDoes anyone know a "nonroot" possibility?
it works nonrooted with USB
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nice solution. Thanx for sharing.
For XP users there is MyPhoneExplorer but with "snorkeling slowly mode" in transmitting graphical memory :(


I use teamviewer quicksupport  on my non rooted galaxy note 2 - Works over wifi and I use it for controlling locus on my computers tv screen sometimes for programming in gps coordinates faster with the computer keyboard and viewing maps on a bigger computer screen (and its free)

It draws in the "soft buttons" down the bottom so you can still click your home button and back button and things using the computer mouse - and locus works as normal for everything :)

You can actually use your whole phone no worries with slight lag it mirrors everything i think


installed teamviewer, tested and felt well :-) (excluding power consumption and keyboard layout - but usable)
thanx for the hint,


One question : The idea was to save battery with "display off" at the phone. What does TeamViewer if the display of the phone is off.
Regards J.