Opentrackmap and Lonvia - Two new hiking maps

Started by vrabcak, March 19, 2011, 08:24:04

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I would like to have following hiking maps in Locus:

1. Opentrackmap -
You could add this map also as custom map with the following line in providers.txt

2. Lonvia's hiking map -
I donĀ“t know how to add this map as custom map, because it uses tranparent overlay tiles for hiking paths. Is there any possibility to add custom overlay map to Locus?

Anyway it would be great to have both maps in basic online maps menu.


Hey what a nice maps!!

Ok, this brings new discussion topic. This map is basic OSM map. No problem at all to add. Anyway you can enable hillshade, tracks, contours - 3 additional layers. And here comes troubles. I can download and connect all fourth maps into one and store them as one map, but I cannot do this separately. Memory that should locus use is too low to hold all four maps in memory at same time. I HAVE TO! download then and immediately connect into one picture.

So problem is, that I can define only one type of map (defined from few layers) but you'll not be later able to select or hide some layers. This will be just one picture ...

Hmm nevermind, I have to think about it later but maps are really nice and I'm sure they will be added into locus, thanks
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